📆 Working on:

☄️ Data Science Evangelism @ Comet

🛠 Building an ML learning platform for Black and Brown learners.

✍🏾 Writing Uncovering Bias in Machine Learning for John Wiley & Sons.

📊 Creating Data Justice and Explainability content on Patreon.

✅ Recent Projects

Supervised Learning Essential Training

Getting Started in Data Science

🌈 Hobbies

Watching hockey, kayaking, and playing with my dogs.

How did I get started?

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Digital Media and Communications degree. I worked for marketing agencies, app companies, and a plethora of online publishers before transitioning into Data Science.

‍The app startup I was a ran out of runway in early 2016 and I was on unemployment and unsure how  heard a little of the buzz around Data Science and I enrolled in a DS Master's program at Regis University.

After I graduated with my MS in Data Science I attended the Data 4 Black Lives Conference and my entire view of the industry changed. My eyes were open to how algorithms encode bias and I knew my focus would be to work to mitigate harm caused by biased machine learning.

Right now I'm working as a Data Science Evangelist at Comet, combining my marketing and Data Science skills.