Hey, I’m Ayodele!

I create Machine Learning content


(books, courses, & merch)  

📍 based in Denver 🏔


Ethical AI Strategy

Organizations often need an outside perspective to identify and mitigate the potential risks of creating machine learning models. Accountability requires a cultural shift and insight from those with lived experience.

Public Speaking

Finding speaking talent isn't difficult, effectively teaching technical products is. Connect with me about how to gain awareness for your brand or as a subject matter expert in Data Science and ML.

AI Product Marketing

It's not easy to get new users for your hot new AI product regardless of if it's D2C or B2B. Work with me to get word out about your product or brand and connect to my audience of over 20k technologists.

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Clients normally ask:

What do you provide conferences?

When I'm working as a conference speaker organizations can expect to meet with me once or twice before the event to plan and ensure my talking points will resonate with your audience. You can expect to see a draft of my slides at minimum a week before the event as well as in some cases a custom Data Science workbook for attendees.

What's your location & timezone?

I'm currently in Denver, CO in Mountain Standard Time UTC -7.

What do you charge?

Depending on the organization and the type of partnership, I typically charge the following rates:

Half Hour Speaking: $1,500
1 Hour Speaking : $3,000
Brand Partnerships starting at $4,500
Hourly Consulting Rate: $350

501c3 nonprofits and academic institutions are eligible for discounted rates.